host aggregate and filter_tenant_id and metadata string size

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im using a host aggregate with "filter_tenant_id" to segregate the hypervisors certain projects can create instances on

(And, creating specific flavors with "aggregate_instance_extra_spec" for these projects and using "scheduler_default_filters=AggregateInstanceExtraSpecsFilter,AggregateMultiTenancyIsolation" )

I am also creating a project for each single user so that users can not see or interact with each others instances at all. we will have many users, and therefore projects (we hope to move our whole dev team from multiple product lines to using quota'd openstack instances rather than all the bare metal being used now)

i've found that the host aggregate metadata string "filter_tenant_id" can have multiple ID entries if separated by commas (no spaces). this is great, I have gotten 7 project IDs into this metadata. all is working as I hoped.

But now I want to add an 8th user/project and I can no longer add to the metadata string, I assume I am crossing some 256 char limit.

any advice on how to get more projects into the metadata?

  1. can I change a ProjectID in mysql to a 3 digit number? (say recreate all Projects from scratch, change the ID and then start configuring the Project)

  2. or do I have to create an identical second and third and etc host aggregate (with the exact same hypervisors) and add subsequent Projects to their filter_tenant_id metadata string?

  3. any better ideas than these two?


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as soon as I create the project I am going into SQL and changing the ID to a 3 digit number. im doing asap before other things get associated with the original ID (ie: flavors, security groups, users, instances etc). i may find this is a baaaaaad idea, I will update if i run into other issues.

jamesopst gravatar imagejamesopst ( 2017-07-20 16:00:30 -0600 )edit

idea 2 (create a host aggregate every 7 users) is also a valid, and probably a more correct, method. we just plan to have so many users that the limit of 7 per host aggregate might be too cumbersome.

jamesopst gravatar imagejamesopst ( 2017-07-20 16:03:33 -0600 )edit