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COA exam and vendor branded OpenStack.

asked 2017-06-19 21:12:53 -0500

kolaman gravatar image

I'm planning to study/appear for OpenStack exam (COA) but looks like many vendors have rebranded OpenStack? I'm a bit confused which should I use, I'm aware that the base concepts are same but openstack dashboard for each vendor is a bit different e.g. mirantis dashboard is way different.

Like if I go with vendor A, and dashboard/cli in exam is a bit different than that might create a bit of problem as most of the questions can be handled using UI of openstack. Also Devstack is way too unstable, you reboot the vm and some services might crash and this goes on (so not thinking to use Devstack). Can some champ please advise me in this case for which vendor should I go ? Mirantis?

Popular vendors: (Oracle, mirantis, SUSE, Redhat)

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answered 2017-06-19 23:34:49 -0500

I would think that while the GUI's look and feel is different from vendor to vendor, they probably don't change the GUI's logic too much, so that you should be able to find your way around it (speaking from experience with Red Hat). The CLI is not branded afaik.

In short, I would not be worried about these things.

One caveat: Red Hat's exam description makes it clear that they use their deployment and management tool Director. While it is based on Triple-O, it's not quite the same. Besides, the exam currently uses Liberty, and Liberty Tripleo seems to have become unavailable. So, if you go for Red Hat, you need to know this. I don't know about the other vendors.

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answered 2017-06-20 09:43:43 -0500

The GUI look may be different but the methods and logic to manage your cloud is more or less same. What I would suggest is that, you first do some hands-on at this will make you aware of the dashboard basic working. Create some networks, virtual routers and launch your VM.

Next thing I would suggest that get familier with openstack command line interface thoroughly as thre are some task can't be done form dashboard. For this you either join a training center and or go for some internships. And yes COA exam conducted by Openstack Foundation nowadays uses Newton Release to test the candidates. Openstack CLI is more or less the same if you migrate from one OS to another.

To pass the exam with a good score at least you sould have 3 months hands-on practice operating a cloud.

And if you wanna go for vendor based exam RED HAT is best.

All the best for your prepration !

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answered 2017-06-20 11:41:11 -0500

annabelleB gravatar image

updated 2017-06-20 11:42:18 -0500

The above answers have the right idea: For the tasks on the COA, do not worry about what Horizon interface you practice on, the concepts you will be tested on are the same across distros. You will, however, want to spend time practicing with openstackclient in the command line.

If you're finding issues with DevStack, you can practice most (but not all) of the tasks with TryStack, or you can get set up with an all-in-one OpenStack using Vagrant ( If you'd rather not run this on your machine, check out the OpenStack public cloud options in the Marketplace (, where you can grab enough time to run through the COA tasks on OpenStack fairly inexpensively.

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