Assign port to tenant or "why does my port not belong to a tenant"?

asked 2017-06-19 09:14:19 -0600

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Have been wondering why I can't ping my OpenStack router's external IP address.

I have an external network

I have a router created with that external network added to it.

There is an IP associated with the router but I cannot ping it.

I do a "neutron port-list" and I think I see why:

| e61c86d5-1137-46c7-8bbf-73911ebd2cc7 |      | c421598b9a4e4eac816faaa840eecd80 | fa:16:3e:b6:cf:1a | {"subnet_id": "a156de56-42d1-4bbc-8985-a191438378f3", "ip_address": ""}       |
| e8ee0cf1-3a99-41ab-bd79-e5920dcd5938 |      |                                  | fa:16:3e:ad:b1:09 | {"subnet_id": "5f6be70a-d11c-46ff-b7bc-dc06e0fae9dd", "ip_address": ""} |
| e8efabe7-1977-455b-b9cd-f9b73f062b5b |      | c421598b9a4e4eac816faaa840eecd80 | fa:16:3e:64:8d:93 | {"subnet_id": "7582401f-3757-4717-8bee-df4af01b5595", "ip_address": ""}        |

I abbreviated the full list. The middle row there has a null tenant ID. OK, so it there a way to tell OpenStack to bring this port into the admin tenant? Everything I read, no doubt well-intentioned, sends me up the garden path. Thanks in advance!

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