How to pass internal IP from SERVER to RESOURCEGROUP

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I'm very new to programming openstack and have examples of codes from others which I'm using as a template. The thing I'm stuck on is how to capture the private IP of a OS::HEAT::SERVER instance and then pass that onto OS::HEAT::RESOURCEGROUP as a variable.

The right IP is shown in the outputs: section, but if I understand correctly, that's not set until the deployment finishes?

Does anyone have an example of capturing a variable and how to pass that to the ResourceGroup?

Just wanting to add a little more meat to this question. The scenario I have is I have a OS::HEAT::SERVER in my yaml that gets built. I want to capture the private IP address of that single server and provide it to the ResourceGroup as a variable so I can use it in the template: | section to edit a file. Essentially I need all my multiple servers in the resource group to know the IP of the first one.

I'm struggling in capturing that private IP and submitting it to the resourcegroup. I could do with an example of such.


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Just augmented the initial question with some more detail.

cpharvey gravatar imagecpharvey ( 2017-06-16 10:10:04 -0500 )edit