preseed.cfg in master node and .preseed file

asked 2014-01-21 04:58:23 -0600

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  1. I installed fuel master from an ISO image.
  2. I did all the network settings and when installing OS on slave machines, I get auto configuration failed(DHCP error), then I tried manually coonfigure, and then I get failed to download debconf preconfiguration file.
  3. As I understand preconfiguration file is nothing but preseed.cfg or preseed.ks(bu I am sure preceed config file is somewhere located because the installation was smooth when I did 1 NIC deployment but now I am using more than 1 NIC, I literally searched for the file but in vain)
  4. I DO NOT FIND preseed.cfg file anywhere in the fuel master.
  5. During that failed to download debconf precofiguration file i get an url which is same as the auto url parameter in var/lib/tftboot/pxelinux.0/ (FILES GENERATED WHEN NODES BOOT)
  6. And the auto url looks like http://10.20.x.x/cblr/svc/op/ks/system/node-13 (http://10.20.x.x/cblr/svc/op/ks/syste...)
  7. My idea is to point the auto url to where the preseed.cfg(preconfiguration file) is located but I do not see any such file. Also what on earth is a file with preseed extension(.preseed) file ?
  8. So please kindly let me know what can be done.

Thank you.

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