Can Havana manage openvswitch with Intel-DPDK enabled?

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For openvswitch with DPDK enabled can imporve the network performance, so I wonder know whether havana (nova) can manage openvswitch with Intel DPDK (OVS_DPDK)? 1. When doploy VM, whether the command can pass parameters like –device ivshmem,size=1024,shm=fd:/mnt/huge/rtemap_0. 2. Currently, on the compute node, we have br-int and br-eth0(for different physical node communication), and the the VM's vNIC attched to br-int. So, when we use openvswith with DPDK, can we directly attach the vNIC to br-eth0?

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answered 2014-02-04 09:47:42 -0600

Hi Samuel,

The Intel DPDK Accelerated Open vSwitch is not supported in OpenStack at this time (Havana). However, Intel is working on enabling this capability and planning to provide an update at the Juno summit in Atlanta.

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