Can you run continers and VM's simultainously on an AIO install

asked 2017-06-07 14:47:10 -0500

quartzeye gravatar image

Greg Zavertnik 2:10 PM Sent from OpenStack St. Louis Hello. I am trying to find an OpenStack expert to answer some basics questions I have. I need to build an AIO implementation that can run both docker containers and VM's simultaneously. I found a link to a hack that allows this to work, (, but it is old and infers that the capability may be already folded into OpenStack or something to do with filters can make it work. Also, this capability can be accomplished in Proxmox, ( I did see posts that said it cannot be done but it seems obvious that it can and that this hybrib/mixed workload is a real world need. Can anyone point me to how this can be done? The hack infers that a custom scheduling filter might be needed so that it all works. Over my head here but willing to dive in if I can find where to look.

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