time taked by ceilometer to change alarm state in autoscaling

asked 2017-06-07 03:29:36 -0600

samah gravatar image

Hello, I'm working at autoscaling feature, while scaling up the alarm state change to alarm after 5 min of stressing the cpu, I didn't understand why. The configuration in ceilometer.conf:


in pipeline.yaml

name: cpu_source
      interval: 60
          - "cpu"
          - cpu_sink
          - cpu_delta_sink
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what is the configuration of alarm? value of period & evaluation-periods?

vikrant gravatar imagevikrant ( 2017-06-07 04:44:32 -0600 )edit

period: 60 evaluation_periods: 1

samah gravatar imagesamah ( 2017-06-07 05:42:27 -0600 )edit

could you answer me please

samah gravatar imagesamah ( 2017-06-08 05:10:48 -0600 )edit