Start Instance Fails when Booting From Ceph-backed Volume [closed]

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Starting a previously-stopped instance fails. Instance was booted from volume (no image) and worked correctly before being stopped. All other instance actions (pause, unpause, delete, etc) work as expected.

The XML produced when I attempt to power on the instance is clearly wrong. It tried to boot from a made-up image (that comes from nova/virt/libvirt/ instead of the instance's volume. inside nova/virt/libvirt/ in get_guest_storage_config() I noticed that block_device_mapping is empty which is likely where the problem comes from. I have no idea why it's empty tho.

  • OS: Ubuntu 13.04,
  • Nova: 1:2013.2-0ubuntu1,
  • libvirt: 1.1.1,

My environment was updated from Ubuntu 13.04 & Grizzly, but I'm not sure if this functionality worked before or not. I also applied</a">this patch for nova, which for me only affected starting instances. Creating instances always worked.

Here's the trace I get in nova-compute.log:

Log from libvirt at the same time:

original XML from instance:

XML produced attempting to power on:

Here's a diff of the two XML files:

&lt;        <driver cache="none" name="qemu" type="raw">
&lt;       <source name="volumes/volume-f08dc5d4-836f-4e8a-9bc2-cf9c1cb559a3" protocol="rbd"></source>
&gt;       <driver cache="writethrough" type="raw">
&gt;       <source name="images/instance-000003b1_disk" protocol="rbd"></source>
&lt;       <serial>f08dc5d4-836f-4e8a-9bc2-cf9c1cb559a3</serial>

The boot volume was a copy (a ceph snapshot) of a glance image. The instance was created using python-novaclient with block_device_mapping_v2 set to this:

         'device_name': "/dev/vda",
         'source_type': 'image',
         'destination_type': 'volume',
         'delete_on_termination': 0,
         'uuid': (some valid image ID),
         'boot_index': '0',
         'volume_size': 100

The instance always spawns successfully so I don't suspect there's any issue here. This is my nova.conf:

Any help would be much appriciated!! I'd be happy to try any suggestions. </driver></driver>

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Launchpad bug related to this issue:

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