NO_NAT on OpenStack vRouter

asked 2017-06-04 09:21:53 -0500

Vinayaka_Raman gravatar image

Hi ,

I am very new to open stack and this is my first question. Here is my setup

{VM with NIC IP}-------------{( vRouter (SNAT enabled)}----------{Fortinet Firewall(mgmt IP-}----- Public Network

All conversation from the VM Subnet is NATed to provider Network 10.134.14.X I have a probe sitting in network which should poll bidirectionally.

Couple of Issues: 1) is it possible to NO_NAT the conversation between to on vRouter? 2) How can i find the interface IP of vRouter facing towards network. I need to add a static route on the firewall with nexthop pointing to vRouter's 10.134.14.x subnet physical interface IP.

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