How to provide Internet for VMs?

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Hi all! This is my current setup:

I have all the required services including the Neutron on the controller node.

image description

How can I provide Internet access for VMs in the provider network?


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answered 2017-06-01 08:59:40 -0600

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The provider network needs to be connected to the internet. If you use the centralized router, only the controller needs to be connected to the provider network.

EDIT: To connect self-service networks to the outside world, the physical setup doesn't change. You need at least one provider network connected to outside. You then create a neutron network that maps to it - known as your external network. One or more Neutron routers attach self-service networks to the external network.

Physical networks used for management or self-service traffic don't have to be connected to outside (and it's probably best if they are not).

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Thanks. I want to provide internet also for self-service networks. I know that I have to create a vrouter, But I dont know the physical setup.

AmirV gravatar imageAmirV ( 2017-06-01 11:54:38 -0600 )edit

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