Unauthorized access using Fuel 11 [closed]

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I've just deployed an environment using Fuel 11 with Newton and I'm having trouble with an authorization error when selecting specific admin tabs. I can log in just fine with the admin user, and browse networks, flavors and images tabs. But when selecting tabs like "Instances" and "Hypervisors", I get pushed back to the horizon log in page, with an "Unauthorized" error. When I check the keystone and horizon logs, I see errors such as:

"Authorization failed. The request you have made requires authentication. from"

"2017-05-29 14:14:14,994 36520 ERROR openstack_dashboard.dashboards.admin.aggregates.panel Call to list supported extensions failed. This is likely due to a problem communicating with the Nova endpoint. Host Aggregates panel will not be displayed."

"2017-05-29 14:14:13,579 36519 WARNING openstack_auth.backend The Keystone URL in service catalog points to a v2.0 Keystone endpoint, but v3 is specified as the API version to use by Horizon. Using v3 endpoint for authentication."

In the Fuel managing page, the network test passes with no errors, which means all the different networks are working. Is anyone experiencing something similar?

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