Swift Object DELETE returning 503 for (404, 204)

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Swift structure  Account: 3Copy  Container: 3Copy  Object: 2Copy

Swift version: icehouse issue: Object DELETE returning 503 for (404, 204)

If an existing client has an Object DELETE returning 503 for (404, 204) error when executing a delete, restarting the proxy server daemon causes the deletion to be successful again. By the way, restarting proxy server daemon, swift daemon is not deleted at present.

If you delete the files in the container and check for an error 503, The file with the error has not been deleted already. Again, when the client executes the deletion, it will repeatedly stop the deletion with a 503 error.

Container access to the database I checked the object file in the container for the actual 503 error. I looked up each field value Size: 0, etag: deleted, deleted: 1. Compared to other files that have not been deleted, the values ​​of the above fields are incorrect, and even if a 503 error occurs, it appears to have been deleted.

Again, swift-get-nodes queries the disk for the existence of the deleted data. The object file does not exist.

Erasing an object from a Hadoop client does not cause an error, Attempting to delete the directory in container will result in error 503. Of course, Swift does not have the concept of directory. Actually, it looks like an object file name.

When deleting from Hadoop client with Swift  Erase file - /test999/dir/test.file2  Delete directory - /test999/dir

Of course, in the above method, the deletion was successfully executed in Hadoop without any abnormality (if the proxy daemon is restarted even if a 503 error occurs, the deletion is normally performed again) There is no change in the way that Hadoop clients deleted them.

Object DELETE returning 503 for (404, 204) I want to solve.

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