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On OpenStack 10, there is option to boot image with create new volume as yes/no. I would like to ask what is it different. If I select no, where does it use disk space for launch instance? (Is it used from Glance path?)

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answered 2017-05-17 01:17:15 -0600

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Disk space can be on volumes or on the hypervisor host where the instance runs. The latter case is called "ephemeral storage", since it will be deallocated when the instance is deleted. In contrast to ephemeral disk storage, volumes are persistent; they can exist without instance.

More info on storage in an OpenStack cloud.

To answer the additional questions:

  1. Normally, boot-from-volume implies that the root disk is a volume. I am not sure if the switch "create volume" is effective in this case. Suggestion: Launch an instance this way, then check if it has that volume attached.
  2. Yes. Ephemeral storage disappears when you delete the instance, not when you stop or restart it.
  3. Yes. The image is only needed for provisioning the instance.
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I have some 3 more questions

1) In case of use "ephemeral storage", is it same to "Boot from image" and "Create new volume = No"?

2) If used ephemeral storage, does installed program or data will be remained after reboot?

3) if I deleted image does instance still can be booted?

Teera W. gravatar imageTeera W. ( 2017-05-17 07:45:37 -0600 )edit

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