VNC connection problem after publishing horizon to outside [closed]

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Hi. I published Horizon to outside using a simple port forwarder. Now, users use to connect to horizon. It works fine.

The problem is when they want to connect instance's console, they cannot connect to "controller:6080". In fact, they cannot resolve "controller" name. How can I make horizon to connect to "" instead of "controller:6080"?

I know two possible solutions are to configure DNS server or hosts file for clients who want to connect to horizon. But we don't have permissions to configure DNS server, and also manually configuring hosts file for every client is very difficult.

What do you suggest? Is this anyway to configure horizon to make the requests to instead of controller:6080? However, in this way, administrators who directly work from the local network cannot use VNC, since they are not in network.


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answered 2017-05-15 21:40:29 -0600

controller:6080 is the VNC proxy configured in your cloud. You can configure a different address by setting this variable on the compute hosts (DISCLAIMER: I don't know if this precise address works in your network):

novncproxy_base_url =

The admin guide tells you how VNC works in OpenStack and how to configure it; a config example can also be found in the installation guide.

To see all VNC config options, go to the Nova configuration reference and scroll down to "Description of vnc configuration options".

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