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Is there any way to hide trove images from glance image tab in openstack dashboard?

asked 2017-05-11 09:24:33 -0600

hemen gravatar image

updated 2017-05-11 09:29:34 -0600

How can I stop showing Trove datastore images in Glance images list of Horizon (Openstack Dashboard). I am working on Openstack Newton

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answered 2017-05-12 07:32:20 -0600

updated 2017-05-12 07:34:10 -0600

If you set image visibility to private (openstack image set --private IMAGE-ID), as recommended by the Ocata installation guides, they can only be seen by the project that owns them, and the admin project.

I don't know if images can be hidden from the admin project, if that is your particular problem.

Note that the Trove developer web site has images owned by the trove project, and they have public visibility. I wonder if setting them to private in this configuration breaks Trove?

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