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Can I add new item that myself design into metadata of Swift Object Store?

asked 2017-05-11 06:33:34 -0500

Yifei Liu gravatar image

I want to add a new metadata item in Swift. The new metadata item is designed by myself and the new metadata item's content is based on the content of the object(Different objects have the different item contents).

Is it possible to implement at Swift All In One(SAIO) and do not influence the functions of Swift?

Thanks in advance. I will really appreciate all of your kind help!

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answered 2017-05-11 08:50:17 -0500

You can add any metadata to an object. Swift is not bothered by your metadata. API reference, Swift CLI reference, openstack client reference.

You can also set metadata on containers.

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Thanks so much for your help!

Yifei Liu gravatar imageYifei Liu ( 2017-05-13 03:59:46 -0500 )edit

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