Openstack Fuel doesn't use MGMT network as ceph public_network

asked 2017-05-05 05:28:03 -0600

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All sources saying that ceph provides data for VMs via public_network. Also in fuel panel I can see "The Storage network is used to provide storage services such as replication traffic from Ceph. The Management network is used for Ceph Public traffic."

But in my deployment ceph public traffic going thru storage network. I dont know why fuel deployed it this way. Could anyone explain it for me? I would be grateful.

  • Network configuration

Public:, untagged

Storage:, VLAN 102

Management:, VLAN 101

-part of libvirt domain

    <disk type="network" device="disk">
  <driver type="raw" cache="writeback"/>
  <source protocol="rbd" name="compute/69166938-7d67-414b-b5c2-75da3b8dcaae_disk">
    <host name="" port="6789"/>
    <host name="" port="6789"/>
    <host name="" port="6789"/>

-part of ceph.conf:

public_network =
cluster_network =
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