Disable "Create New Volume" from Horizon

asked 2017-05-04 08:21:54 -0600

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Hi, it seems that the new version of Horizon in Newton has "Create New Volume" automatically enabled. I tried to disable it within local_settings.py:

#    'config_drive': False,
#    'enable_scheduler_hints': True
    'disable_image': True,
#    'disable_instance_snapshot': False,
    'disable_volume': True,
#    'disable_volume_snapshot': False,

Is that the right place to look?


http://i.imgur.com/4snRupO.png (image description)



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Hello there,

Have you managed to solve this? I am facing the same issue and I want to solve it as well. I want to by default disable cinder volume creation for new instances

thank you

paraskgeor gravatar imageparaskgeor ( 2017-12-19 07:29:03 -0600 )edit