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asked 2017-05-03 03:17:49 -0600

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I am trying to configure openstack HA(Newton) when I try openstack image list with [token] provider=fernet, i get 401 unauthorized but if i change the [token] provider = uuid it works fine. How to use fernet token, I don't want to use uuid?

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answered 2017-05-03 05:06:07 -0600

This is shown in the installation tutorials, for example Also in the admin guide

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thanks bernd. My problem is token as uuid is working for me, But token as fernet is not. I had intialized the fernet keys also.

jarvis@openstack gravatar imagejarvis@openstack ( 2017-05-03 05:58:44 -0600 )edit

Then check the log files for more detailed information.

Bernd Bausch gravatar imageBernd Bausch ( 2017-05-03 11:13:08 -0600 )edit

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