openstack kilo vmware neutron port binding failed

asked 2017-05-02 11:10:38 -0500

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We are using Kilo on Ubuntu 14.04. We have 2 vmware clusters, one where we have our first default AZ nova, and the other one where we have our second AZ : iris.

We have a strange issue when we instantiate a new vm on a vmware (5.5) compute on a new AZ. We don't have this issue on the default AZ named nova.

In Neutron log we can see that

2017-05-02 15:09:07.916 1720 ERROR neutron.plugins.ml2.managers [req-3a851714-8adc-4923-a4da-362d7b3f403d ] Failed to bind port 4646c8fb-e6ee-47c3-b532-9d7bdd7c034d on host vmware_host_1

In nova-compute-iris.log (second AZ)

2017-05-02 17:45:57.481 32373 DEBUG [req-edfc8acd-3b1a-41ce-9a2e-a033ec8ced07 - - - - -] Updating cache with info: [VIF({'profile': {}, 'ovs_interfaceid': None, 'preserve_on_delete': False, 'network': Network({'bridge': None, 'subnets': [Subnet({'ips': [FixedIP({'meta': {}, 'version': 4, 'type': 'fixed', 'floating_ips': [], 'address': u''})], 'version': 4, 'meta': {'dhcp_server': u''}, 'dns': [], 'routes': [], 'cidr': u'', 'gateway': IP({'meta': {}, 'version': None, 'type': 'gateway', 'address': None})})], 'meta': {'injected': False, 'tenant_id': u'51dc132bd1d24c0f8102de2d856626f8'}, 'id': u'3620f686-80f4-4d85-baf7-c3aa6109a1ac', 'label': u'VLAN19'}), 'devname': u'tap3369358a-4b', 'vnic_type': u'normal', 'qbh_params': None, 'meta': {}, 'details': {}, 'address': u'fa:16:3e:0a:da:17', 'active': False, 'type': u'binding_failed', 'id': u'3369358a-4bf4-459d-acad-94e56b1a7449', 'qbg_params': None})] update_instance_cache_with_nw_info /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/nova/network/

We don't understand why neutron don't want to bind to the dedicated port. In the default AZ all works fine and our new vm can find its networks. In iris AZ when a new vm is created its network is always binded to br-int, which is not what we want.



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