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We have a working environment with OpenStack Mitaka, installed using Mirantis Fuel 9.2, upgraded from a Fuel9.0 base installation.

So far we've managed to have an stable environment with multi controller multi-compute nodes. We also added some extra functionalities with manual installs (FWaaS, VPNaaS, LBaaSv1).

Months ago we installed the Manila plugin for our fuel and managed to deploy our OpenStack environment successfully and everything was working fine, including the Shared FS component. But since this is a testing environment, when we tried to replicate the process it failed with the message:

task manila-meta failed

And all the environment fails.

I've traced the error to one of the puppet files defining that task, and find out is a simple script that creates the "default_share_type" and the manila flavour. Since the flavour can be created manually (with the nova CLI), I believe the process stops because the manila service fails to start during deployment and so the rest of actions fail.

The environment is defined exactly with the same parameters as some months ago, which makes me thing that some packages, on the default ubuntu repositories or on the Mirantis one have been updated making the manila plugin incompatible.

I've tried an installation from scratch with a fuel 9.0 (not upgraded to 9.2) and the problem persists, so it's probable the problem resides on some Ubuntu installation packages.

The rpm plugin can be found here:

And the source code for it:

Installing the plugin from the rpm or compiling it from source doesn't seem to make any difference.

Although the documentation refers to Fuel 9.0 and 9.1 we did have an environment deployed successfully from fuel 9.2, but then a few weeks later we can't replicate the results with any of the three versions, so apparently the plugin is "broken"

I'd like to ask if there's a workaround for this, or if there's another option to install manually all the necessary components to have Manila service in an environment deployed without such plugin from fuel. I've tried to follow the official guide found here with no success:

Thanks in advance.

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