Ocata :how create instance from two qcow files

asked 2017-04-30 11:38:02 -0600

vl_dorfan gravatar image

I have following task to complete :deploy VM template built from two qcow files -represented two disks /sda /sdb The template arrived from KVM environment(two disks defined in XML file).The KVM use the XML like kickstart instruction on VM creation.... - convert same VM in VMDK format (2 files also)to one QCOW and then create image on openstack and depoy was unsuccessful... -trying to put instruction to create second disk libvrt.xml (post creation file for instance)and set libvrt read-only failed My environment is minimal 2 nodes only: controller& compute. The next step to add the cinder node to environment and then deploy second disk by volume adding....

Any ideas?

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