Havana dashboard limit summary does not clear instance/vcpu numbers

asked 2014-01-16 16:20:09 -0500

NPS1234 gravatar image

updated 2014-01-22 15:12:36 -0500

Evgeny gravatar image

I am working on openstack Havana in a multi node configuration. I had created a few instances and am attempting to delete the same. I can see that even after deleting all the instances the limit summary on the openstack dashboard is not getting updated. My current instance limit is 10 and vcpu limit is 20. When I do a "nova list" on all 4 compute nodes I see that there are no instances. However the vcpu and instance number in the dashboard limit summary is stuck at 6, hence when i try to create 4 more instance I get a error with respect to resources available.

Is there any way I can clear the stale instance information which is reflecting on my dashboard limit summary. Also, which database is the dashboard limit summary pulling its information from.

Any help/guidance to resolve the problem will be highly appreciated.


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