Can't connect to public ip address of local server

asked 2017-04-25 12:11:18 -0500

djilo gravatar image

Our household recently upgraded our account to have a static ip address so that I may remotely log onto a server that I have on our local network. I would like to be able to have remote desktop access to this server from my laptop while I'm traveling.

Once we obtained the static ip, I tried testing my access from home on my laptop by attempting a simple ssh session to the address that was assigned to us from our ISP. I had already configured our gateway/router to port forward ssh requests to the server that I am trying to connect to and opened up the firewall on the gateway to allow incoming ssh requests.

But when I tried, the request would time out. Also, when I tried to just ping the server via the public ip address, those requests would also time out. As a sanity check, I tried to ssh/ping using the internal local ip address of the server and everything works fine. I contacted our ISP to try to trouble-shoot the issue, but the techs were able to successfully ping the address and were not knowledgeable enough to help me further.

Finally, another puzzling thing is that I tried the same thing from another laptop connected to our local network. That machine is able to ssh/ping the server successfully via the public ip address! It is a Windows machine. The laptop that I've been unsuccessful with is a MacBook Pro.

So it seems that it may be some configuration or something particular to my laptop that is preventing me from connecting to it. If any of you networking wizards could provide me with some insight as to what might be happening, I would be greatly appreciative.

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