Overcloud deployment on baremetal using triple-o fails!

asked 2017-04-20 13:41:16 -0500

mosh785 gravatar image

$ openstack overcloud deploy --templates Started Mistral Workflow tripleo.validations.v1.check_pre_deployment_validations. Execution ID: 0e9bc419-b794-4548-ad74-93215a563b1b Waiting for messages on queue 'cea4e740-bae3-453d-afd3-b8f1b1281dc6' with no timeout.

{u'body': {u'exception': u'Container DELETE failed: ( 409 Conflict [first 60 chars of response]


There was a conflict when trying t', u'error': u'Unexpected error.'}, u'headers': {u'status': 500}, u'request': {u'action': u'queue_delete', u'body': {u'queue_name': u'cea4e740-bae3-453d-afd3-b8f1b1281dc6'}, u'api': u'v2', u'headers': {u'Client-ID': u'f1318df8-6ea4-4074-a166-6b41535c933c', u'X-Project-ID': u'5d521cfb42fc4b3797d419b57ec1c7ed'}}}

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