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Ocata / How to activate nested quota ?

asked 2017-04-21 02:26:22 -0600

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We have a Newton install, now updated to Ocata version. We have created 1 project and 2 subprojects. We want to use the nested quota capability, as specified here : But quota for our subprojects are not set to 0, they are at default level. And of course, we can oversubscribe the quotas in subprojects, relatively to their parent project.

In our conf, we have specified nothing about the quota driver, which supposes to be "nova.quota.DbQuotaDriver"

Is there something to do to have the nested quotas ?


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answered 2017-04-22 09:44:38 -0600

sylv31 gravatar image

I have made some progress.

I found this info in mitaka release notes :

Split nested quota support into a separate driver. In order to use nested quotas, change the following config quota_driver = cinder.quota.NestedDbQuotaDriver after running the following admin API “os-quota-sets/validate_setup_for_nested_quota_use” command to ensure the existing quota values make sense to nest.

So, I am going to apply it. But when I try to call the API /os-quota-sets/validate_setup_for_nested_quota_use, I got a "The resource could not be found". How can I check that this function really exists ? (I performed a CURL GET on http://<my-controller>:35357/v3/os-quota-sets/validate_setup_for_nested_quota_use, with a valid token).

Second point : where do I need to declare the NestedDbQuotaDriver ? I was supposing to write it in /etc/nova/nova.conf, in the [quota] section, calling it "driver=", but do I need to write it in other conf files (cinder.conf, ...)

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