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Comparing Concepts: OpenStack vs. vCloud Director

asked 2014-01-15 12:44:15 -0500

Mathias Ewald gravatar image

Hi, I am a lot more used to vCloud Director so naturally I compare OpenStack to vCD all the time ;) Reading OpenStack documentation I learned that a tenant is the same thing as a project. In vCD a tenant would be represented as an "Organization". vCD knows "vApps" which is a concept I couldnt find in OpenStack at all. And finally, vCD knows "Org vDCs" - is there anything similar in OpenStack? I have a couple of OpenStack terms in my head of which I am not sure how they related and would typically be used: domain, tenant/project, region, quota. As I said I dont quite understand how they relate and was hoping somebody could help. And maybe this question clearify what I would like to know: How to I run multiple tenants with muliple projects each (e.g. multi-tiered applications) on OpenStack?

I hope someone can understand the pain I have :D

cheers Mathias

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answered 2014-04-09 18:22:41 -0500

jgershater gravatar image

A project in openstack is a tenant or VCD org. It is a wholly separate quota of cpu, storage and networking dedicated to each tenant. Each tenant gets quota which the openstack admin can increase or reduce.

a vApp is a predefined grouping of VMs that start in a specific order and are tied together, predefined sizes. Static VMs that are cloned at run time

In OpenStack there is the concept of HEAT templates, which are text files that define what resources (cpu, storage, networking) should be created at run time. Those resources are created at runtime but not from static VMs, rather from the virtual storage, networking and cpu.

There are several blog posts already that explain openstack for vmware admins, it would be futile to type the info again. Here they are: ( ( (

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