How many nodes are minimum required to provision openstack kvm with HA function

asked 2017-04-08 15:45:17 -0500

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I am a beginner and don't have any experience in openStack . I am hoping to implement HA with kvm and OpenStack ocata.

My main goal is to achieve failover with openstack, when one compute node went down the instances should either manually or automatically failover to the other compute node. I have read many forums and articles and now i'm confused even more than before.

In my mind, i'm kinda hoping 1 controller node and 2 compute node are needed to test this. I'm not even sure whether this can be implemented. Can someone help me to find a minimum number of machine required to test this and what are the nodes to be called? Sorry for my bad English.

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Perhaps the HA guide helps. Note that the referenced page is mostly a link collection, and obviously there are no established best practices yet.

Bernd Bausch gravatar imageBernd Bausch ( 2017-04-10 03:35:42 -0500 )edit