admin role can not delete instance with a non owned network [closed]

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Hi guys,

I found the admin role can boot an instance with a non owned network, but can not be delete it in my env. However, change the non owned network to shared, than, the instance can be deleted. My system is centos 6.5 and the yum repo site is "".

The following are what I have did.

  1. Create a network and subnet with a non admin role account. E.g demo.
  2. Change to admin role by soure keystone_admin(rdo credential file).
  3. Boot an instance attach the former created network.
  4. After the instance status become activity, try to delete it.
  5. Use "nova list" or "nova show" to check if the instance was deleted.(In this step, I can see the instance status become activity again).

  6. Update the network to be shared.

  7. Try to delete the instance again(And this time, the instance deleted).

I don't know whether this is result by my configuration, otherwise, it maybe a bug.

Someone can help me to check if it is the same in your env ? Thanks.

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Comments fixed an error that would occur if the admin user tried to interact with instances connected to networks that were not owned by the admin user.

larsks gravatar imagelarsks ( 2014-04-03 13:52:10 -0500 )edit