Resize Instance with volume attached as LVM

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I have an instance with 40G of storage with 4 VCPUs and 8G memory. I attached 1TB of ceph block storage to this instance and used it as a root storage using LVM. Total I have about 969G available in '/'. Now I want to resize the instance to flavor 16 VCPUS and 16G memory with same storage. Whether I need to detach the attached volume first before resizing or not?? Because this instance is very important to me I dont want this Instance to go to error state. Thats why iam asking this question. sorry. I already tried Resizing of instances with 'openstack server resize' and it works fine. But I didnt test the resizing of instances with volume attached before. Any information regarding this is highly appreciated.

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answered 2017-04-07 03:54:28 -0600

If I understand the process correctly, resizing an instance creates an identical but stopped VM on a different VM host, except that RAM size, ephemeral storage sizes and CPU count are different. The same network and storage connections as on the source host are created. The instance is then shut down, ephemeral storage copied to the destination if necessary, and the new VM started up.

Thus, if everything works as expected, there is no problem resizing an instance that is using a volume. But there is no guarantee against bugs, and if you want to be certain, what prevents you from manually detaching then reattaching the volume?

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