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我按照 ( 这里的文档安装的, 我的系统是centos7.3,安装的是openstack newton版本

/var/log/magnum目录下没有日志, magnum cluster-create swarm-cluster \ --cluster-template swarm-cluster-template \ --master-count 1 \ --node-count 1 一直在 CREATE_IN_PROGRESS /var/log/messages下面有一些错误日志 controller magnum-conductor: 2017-03-31 12:16:08.470 1089 ERROR oslo.service.loopingcall HTTPUnauthorized: ERROR: Authentication failed: {"error": {"message": "The request you have made requires authentication.", "code": 401, "title": "Unauthorized"}} 我按照 这里的解决方法 This was solved by changing project_domain_id and user_domain_id to project_domain_name and user_domain_name under [keystone_authtoken] in /etc/magnum/magnum.conf: 修改了一些配置,重启了服务,但是还是不行 希望有前辈能指点一下,谢谢。

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