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Hello all,

I have a controller with 10GB RAM and 5 vCPUs. Horizon access is very very slow. It takes 2-3 minutes to load login page and after that 1-2 minutes to process a single request. I am not running any big setup. Hardly 2-3 testing instances so there isnt much load on any of the nodes.

Also I can see multiple nova-api processes in top command on controller. I googled and found that there is a way to control number of workers but that configuration isnt working in newton release for me. I tried to restrict ec2, osapi_compute and metadata workers to None, but this failed as None wasn't a correct value since nova-api process failed to restart. Please share if anyone has worked on this and got it working. I think this should help me solve my problem.

Please suggest if anyone has other ideas as well to troubleshoot this.


In nova.conf, do this to restrict number of workers:


Regards AB

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