Network separation and neutron configuration

asked 2017-03-29 02:39:48 -0600

demirayar gravatar image

I am a bit confused about neutron configuration. I have 1 Controller server and 2 compute servers. My neutron service is running on controller Node. I want to separate the physical interfaces as given below:

Controller Node:

  • Bond0 (Eth0 and Eth2) : OpenStack Management Network + Provider 1.

Compute Nodes:

  • Bond0 (Eth0 and Eth2) : OpenStack Management Network + Provider 1
  • Bond1 (Eth1 and Eth3) : Provider 2 Network
  • Bond2 (Eth4 and Eth6) : Backplain network. It will be only used for VMs (on compute node) communication, I do not associate a floating IP to this network.

My fist question is do I need to use Bond1 and Bond2 interfaces on controller server? The second one is how can I configure the linuxbridge_agent.ini file for network separation?

Thanks in advance

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