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Is nested get_param a valid syntax for heat template?

asked 2017-03-28 23:07:23 -0500

starnight gravatar image

Is nested get_param a valid syntax for heat template?

parameters:   env_data:
  type: json
  description: Env Data
  default: |
     { {"image":{ "rhel": {"rhel-guest-image-7.2-20160302.0"}}, {"Windows": {"Windows Image"}}},
       {"private_net_id": {"dev": {"191dc33a-ccc8-4624-82d5-78da86400390"}}},
       {"private_subnet_id": {"dev": {"3adbc77d-8962-4605-8e32-9fcbbc872e9e"}}},
       {"public_subnet_id": {"dev": {"191dc33a-ccc8-4624-82d5-78da86400390"}}} }      
resources: instance:
  type: OS::Nova::Server
        name: { get_param: server_name }
        image: { get_param: [ env_data, image , get_param: [ env ] ] }   <--  using get_param inside get_param


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answered 2017-03-30 11:08:09 -0500

zaneb gravatar image

Yes it is, although I would write it:

{get_param: [env_data, image, {get_param: env}]}
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Hello Zane,

Thanks a lot.


starnight gravatar imagestarnight ( 2017-03-31 07:05:55 -0500 )edit

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