Cinder fo SOHO?

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Hi there

I have installed Openstack on a small lab in my office. First I have decited me to don't install Cinder. Because deleted instances would be stored default inside Cinder after. But now I havn't somthing to backup snapshots or backup whole instances for my stuff... My first usecase is to fire up instances with Heat, building and testing very complex buildpipelines with puppet and saltstack. After the tests has been done the instances should been deleted soon. I am not interested on these data The second is to virtualize my infrastructure like gitlab, nextcloud, percona just bring my office stuff scalable online. Another reasoen was to get and stay in touch to OpenStack and its SDN technologie. Also I am very interested on Kolla and Magnum. At last I would like to help porting OpenStack on FreeBSD. After several tests I stayed currently on Ubuntu 17.04 on an ZFS-Root wit Ocata. I'm a littele bit cutting edge and I like it powerfull and flexible. A Linux_LVM is possible but it's not very welcome.

It is possible to configure the behavior about cinder that not everything would be stored inside? Or even better it is possible to configure Cinder only to an NFS Share or iSCSI to dump snapshots and backups on Cinder but not to establish the complete service in my environment? For Cinder I've tested the zfsonlinux driver. But this driver is old and not very stable. Instead of NFS or iSCSI, do I have another 'lightweight' options for Cinder? I am interested on your recommends :)

best Darko

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