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Live Migration error.

asked 2017-03-24 09:24:12 -0500

ShubhamMeshram gravatar image

I have a multi node set up of OpenStack using Packstack on two nodes running CentOS. one is controller node and the other one is compute node. I am able to Migrate the instance between the two nodes. But when I try to Live Migrate the instance it says Error: Failed to live migrate instance to host "controller.localdomain". Why is this happening? Can I locate any log files for this? Is this by any chance due to difference in vendors/manufacturers of the two nodes?

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answered 2017-03-25 08:27:07 -0500


I assume you are running a compute node co-located in your controller so in practice you have two compute nodes, right? Live migration will make your instance move between compute nodes with almost no state loss, but it has to be configured before it can be used.

You will need to configure at least: 1) password-less SSH access between the compute nodes 2) libvirt should be configured to listen for TCP connections 3) an NFS server to host the image for both compute nodes, or use the simpler 'block migration' option, where no NFS server is needed and the image is copied from one node to the other before each migration.

Here's a guide to understand configuration:

You can check the '/var/log/nova/nova-compute.log' file on each compute node to see what's going on.

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In addition to the compute log, you may also have useful information in the libvirt log files, normally under /var/log/libvirtd. You can also change the libvirt log level in /etc/libvirt/libvirtd.conf.

Bernd Bausch gravatar imageBernd Bausch ( 2017-03-25 21:10:08 -0500 )edit

Okay I see a lot of incompatibility stuff in the logs present at /var/log/libvirtd, So its due the different vendors of the CPU. I probably need same vendors CPU to perform the migration.

ShubhamMeshram gravatar imageShubhamMeshram ( 2017-03-26 07:28:04 -0500 )edit

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