Magnum fixed network parameter ignored?

asked 2017-03-23 11:56:39 -0600

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updated 2017-03-23 11:57:25 -0600


I am creating a cluster template as follows:

instack:[~]$ magnum cluster-template-create --name k8s-cluster-template \
    --image-id fedora-atomic-newton \
    --keypair-id mykey \
    --dns-nameserver \
    --master-flavor-id m1.tiny \
    --external-network-id public  \
    --flavor-id m1.tiny \
    --coe kubernetes --network-driver flannel \
    --labels flannel_network_cidr= \
    --fixed-network internal01 \
    --fixed-subnet subnet01

Note that I explicitly specified "fixed-network" and "fixed-subnet". Subnet01 and internal01 have been created earlier in Neutron:

subnet01 is a subnet created in network internal01 with cidr

When I create the cluster I keep getting a new network called "private" with cidr I expected the cluster make use of the "fixed-network" and/or "fixed-subnet".

The problem is that which has been automatically created by the cluster is conflicting with the external network. How do I tell the "private" network to use a different cidr?


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