Live Migration fails

asked 2017-03-22 04:49:17 -0500

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I'm (still) on Liberty and I have 2 compute nodes with different CPU Types, one Broadwell-noTSX and one Haswell-noTSX. To allow live migration between the hosts I set both CPU types to the minimal CPU feature set (which is the Haswell one)


With ps I see that the instances are created with -cpu Haswell-noTSX, even on the Broadwell node.

qemu     18585 51.2  1.9 18142588 15639048 ?   Sl   08:44  58:59 /usr/libexec/qemu-kvm -name instance-0000460d -S -machine pc-i440fx-rhel7.2.0,accel=kvm,usb=off -cpu Haswell-noTSX, [...]

But still live migration Broadwell -> Haswell fails

2017-03-22 08:58:20.769 16275 WARNING nova.virt.libvirt.driver [req-6079712a-957e-4cbb-905b-f731a4ed850d Openstack Admin 512f554db789466f9a205e95edc24643 - - -] [instance: 4c45d1ca-90cc-4e55-87e3-8c6794a2439d] An error occurred trying to live migrate. Falling back to legacy live migrate flow. Error: unsupported configuration: guest and host CPU are not compatible: Host CPU does not provide required features: smap, adx, rdseed, rtm, hle, 3dnowprefetch; try using 'Broadwell-noTSX' CPU model

What am I doing wrong?

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Did you find a resolution to this? I'm encountering a similar issue with migrating VMs from a Broadwell to Westmere. The Broadwell based hypervisor has "cpu_mode=custom" & "cpu_model=Westmere". The VMs libvirt xml cpu description is compatible with both.

Cobalt60 gravatar imageCobalt60 ( 2017-07-03 02:04:51 -0500 )edit