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Ubuntu XEN and novncproxy

asked 2017-03-20 01:39:59 -0600

minimike gravatar image

Hi there

On my laboratory I am currently switching now from KVM to XEN 4.6. Don't ask why, I just love the combo XEN and Debian. I am using Ubuntu 16.04, Openstack Mitaka, XEN 4.6. Currently with an linuxbridge-setup. By connecting to the webconsole via VNC I get an issue... Failed to connect to server (code: 1006)

"nova get-vnc-console bce90112-d3b9-466f-8275-819c33f6aef0 novnc" gives me the url for acces

inside the nova.conf I've tried with:

enabled = True vncserver_listen = agent_enabled = True vncserver_proxyclient_address = novncproxy_base_url = xvpvncproxy_base_url = xvpvncproxy_port = 6081

I've tried to debug it. But I couldn't resolve the issue. Below my log..

the issue I have got only with XEN. Under KVM I get an console, but thats not what I want :)

By the way what is the best to connect over xvpvnc from MacOSX?

thanks in advance.

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please can you tell me how did you integrate xen (on centos 7) as a compute node, I didn't find a good tutorial to do that (OpenStack Newton)

lost007 gravatar imagelost007 ( 2017-08-02 06:03:49 -0600 )edit

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answered 2017-03-30 16:30:11 -0600

minimike gravatar image

updated 2017-03-30 16:31:10 -0600

I've resolved the issue. The most available images ar incompatible with xen. The best way ist to get an tarball with an rootfs and build your own image. Alternativ an install with debootstrap or rinse is also possibele. But then you have to configure cloud-init and install some more goodies inside the image. Now I have some prepared PVM images they are running on my environmet

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