Openstack ocata,neutron jumbo frame support

asked 2017-03-17 15:28:59 -0500

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Hi Guys

I just recently deployed openstack "ocata" using ubuntu-16.04, MAAS 2.1.3 and JUJU charm,

All my servers are set to use MTU=9000 on all connected interfaces(setting propagated via MAAS/DHCP)

I have set configuration flags in neutron-api charm to reflect MTU size, yet when i create networks its always uses MTU=1500

juju config neutron-api path-mtu=8600 juju config neutron-api global-physnet-mtu=9000 juju config neutron-api network-device-mtu=9000 juju config neutron-gateway instance-mtu=8500

When check interface MTU (phisical interface) all systems are reporting jumbo size (9000).

One thing i have spotted when checked OVS bridges the br-tun bridge MTU is only 1500

The behaviour is exactly same in both overlay setups vxlan/gre.

Im very new to openstack so please excuse my lack of expertise.

Some more info about interface MTUs and ovs bridge ports

Neutron net

Thanks Pio

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