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When kicking off a series of tasks, e,g upgrade of VMs, via a Java client that calls the HEAT HTTP API, i timestamp the start of the operation

upgradeTime = String.valueOf(Calendar.getInstance().getTimeInMillis());
execution.setVariable("upgradeTime", upgradeTime);

I kick off many parallel stack mark_unhealthy/update commands. I know that the command has been accepted by openstack (200x response). However I cannot guarantee that the operation has been kicked off yet.As below I can see that the stack_status is UPDATE_COMPLETE but this is the result of a previous operation and fools my code into thinking the update is complete. I can retrieve the updated_time value from the response but i cannot robustly predict what "format" this will be in to convert this to a java friendly date object to compare

    "links": [{"href": "h
ttp://", "rel": "self"}], "capabilities": [], "notification_topics": [], "updated_time": "2017-03-1
6T13:14:28", :

Any helpful ideas much appreciated.

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I can see that time and date format is specified in API here: (


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