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Poor ceph block device performance on VM's

asked 2017-03-14 11:02:07 -0500

I am seeing low throughput on my openstack VM's block storage as compared with mounting ceph block storage directly to same compute host as VM is running on.

I have tested different guest OS's all had same results.
results from running DD on VM /mnt/scratch is attached volume from Ceph.
[root@host-10-49-16-127 ~]# dd if=/dev/zero of=/mnt/scratch/output bs=1000k count=1k; rm -f /mnt/scratch/output;
1024+0 records in
1024+0 records out
1048576000 bytes (1.0 GB) copied, 5.60444 s, 187 MB/s

results from running DD directly on compute host.
root@node-18:~# dd if=/dev/zero of=/mnt/ceph-block-device/output bs=1000k count=5k; rm -f /mnt/ceph-block-device/output;
5120+0 records in
5120+0 records out
5242880000 bytes (5.2 GB) copied, 3.63551 s, 1.4 GB/s

Is there any reason I would be getting such drastic difference in performance? Any ideas to help debug this would be helpful.

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I have been facing same problem . I did the test using bonnie++ and I monitor the network . The first assumption that I have is that network limitation , cause it hits 600Mpbs of link utilization ( 1Gbps card ) directly from host and less than 100 Mbps from VM . Did you discover anything else ?

sauloaugustosilva gravatar imagesauloaugustosilva ( 2018-03-05 08:12:25 -0500 )edit

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answered 2018-03-07 06:52:22 -0500

sauloaugustosilva gravatar image

I solved my problem doing follow configuration on ceph.conf file

[client] rbd cache = true rbd cache size = 268435456 rbd cache max dirty = 0 rbd cache target dirty = 134217728 rbd cache max dirty age = 2 rbd cache writethrough until flush = true rbd concurrent management ops = 20 admin socket = /var/run/ceph/guests/$cluster-$type.$id.$pid.$cctid.asok log file = /va/rlog/qemu/qemu-guest-$pid.log


public network = cluster network =

at global section .

And the most valuable change was setup one network interface for each ceph node . Now my ceph nodes hace 3 interfaces each .

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