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Hello, I am trying to create the network services using Tenor orchestor which is connected to openstack Newton. When I create network services, there is error from heat:

HEAT-E99001 Service neutron is not available for resource type OS::Neutron::RouterInterface, reason: Required extension router in neutron service is not available

Tenor people said Tenor is working well with openstack liberty release. May I know why it is not working in openstack newton? do I need to install any plugin for heat modules?



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Sounds like you are missing the 'router' extension to the Neutron API. (Or at least Heat thinks you are.)

zaneb gravatar imagezaneb ( 2017-03-14 10:06:42 -0500 )edit

this feature should be configured manually? why difference between two versions? Yes, I checked with $openstack orchestration resource type list command. it does not list OS::Neutron::RouterInterface or OS::Neutron::Router. My question is that how to enable it? via heat or neutron module? Thanks

sothy.e98@gmail.com gravatar imagesothy.e98@gmail.com ( 2017-03-14 10:27:40 -0500 )edit

It's a Neutron question.

zaneb gravatar imagezaneb ( 2017-03-17 15:43:17 -0500 )edit