Lunching a workstation with GUI as an instance

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Hello everyone, I have two questions and your help will be so appreciated.

Firstly, i need to know what is the best solution to lunch an instance in Openstack that functions like a workstation with GUI for managing or maybe configuring some other instances in the tenant. Suppose you have a software firewall as an instance and you need to connect to it using a web interface. I tried Ubuntu Desktop 16.04.1 and it took so long to be installed and now it's sooooo slow and hardly usable, Regarding that my physical host which i'm using as a test bed has limited resources. To be practical, i have made a cluster with three virtual machines: one as a cloud controller, one as a network controller and the last one as a compute controller. I also tried Centos 7 Minimal which up to shell it works fine as an instance. However later that i tried to make a X Server out of it with installing graphical environment, "startx" does not work and i tried different scenarios to make it work, but all in vain.

Secondly, my compute node is using "qemu" as hypervisor and so far i have lunched three instances. If i go to /etc/nova/nova.conf and change "virt_type" parameter to 'kvm', would it be correct and make compute nodes work faster? Wouldn't it make any trouble?

Thank you

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