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Im trying to install devstack one machine on Ubuntu 16.04 Desktop host, have disabled network-manger, and start an instance, but the instance's networking not working, should I follow the guide from or ? since they give different sample for local.conf

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answered 2017-03-11 23:38:51 -0500

Follow the first guide, then replace the local.conf using the second guide. Heed this warning on the DevStack home page:

"Warning DevStack will make substantial changes to your system during installation. Only run DevStack on servers or virtual machines that are dedicated to this purpose."


"Start with a clean and minimal install of a Linux system"

I don't think a Desktop installation is a good start, and I don't think DevStack is a good solution for your first cloud.

What I would do to set up my own all-in-one cloud for playing:

  • Install a virtual machine manager like VMware, Vitrualbox or VMM
  • Create a VM with 5GB memory, 50GB disk
  • Install minimal Centos on it
  • Install Packstack

Compared to DevStack, Packstack is easier to use, more stable, has a more standard setup, allows rebooting and makes it easy to add a Compute node later. DevStack is a tool for developers and for reproducing and solving bugs. Disclaimer: This is my opinion.

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