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Openstack network traffic monitoring

asked 2017-03-10 11:48:08 -0600

Oleksandr_M gravatar image

Hello. I am writing thesis about Openstack monitoring. I need some software for monitoring network traffic between VMs. I use devstack installation, because i have only 1 local server. I don't have any idea how to do that. Maybe someone can give me advice.

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answered 2017-03-17 13:30:02 -0600

nishpatwa gravatar image


Yes you can monitor the network traffic in the VM. You need the following tools to be installed

Telegraf (On VM) - A tool to capture the monitoring metrics from the VM

Add the following to your telegraf.conf to capture the network traffic


InfluxDB(On Local Server) - A Database to store the network metrics from Telegraf.

Grafana(On Local Server) - A dashboard to display the metrics from InfluxDB database

I hope this answer can help you

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