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"neutron bgp-speaker-create" command is failing

asked 2017-03-09 16:58:39 -0600

xdaxdb gravatar image

When running neutron bgp-speaker-create or neutron bgp-speaker-list the command is failing with resource not found

In the neutron-server.log I see a 404 related to the request

"POST /v2.0/bgp-speakers.json HTTP/1.1" 404 328 0.276875

Prior to to trying to create a BGP speaker in neutron, there were other errors in neutron-bgp-dragent.log

ERROR [req-6b80d9cb-e730-4623-97f8-d649aef8791b - - - - -] Unable to sync BGP speaker state

I assumed this was in the logs because there were no speakers defined in neutron yet. But now I am wondering if this is a symptom of the same problem.

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answered 2017-03-13 04:12:28 -0600

xdaxdb gravatar image

The problem was actually pretty simple, I was missing the

service_plugins =,

in /etc/neutron/neutron.conf on the controller.

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