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I am trying to extract each VM's resource usage statistics to do analytics.

asked 2017-03-01 05:16:35 -0500

ShubhamMeshram gravatar image

I want to extract each VM's usage stats and I want to perform analytics on it by writing a simple Java program which has a logic for determining how active or inactive a VM is based on the usage stats.

Firstly, How do I find out the stats for each VM separately? If I might have to use Cielometer, how can I do it for each VM?

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answered 2017-03-01 05:55:44 -0500

DarkKnight gravatar image

I would suggest to go ahead and install ceilometer.

Then use the ceilometer command line tool to fetch the metrics.

Example: "ceilometer sample-list --query resource=e335e2fd-16bd-4f6d-a194-9cef6c1dcffa --meter=cpu_util"

The above command will fetch you the cpu_usage for the instance with id "e335e2fd-16bd-4f6d-a194-9cef6c1dcffa". Similarly you can query other system related metrics for different resources.

Alternatively, one can also use some monitoring tools such as grafana or kibana. In case of grafana, which i have little experience , there needs to be a telegraf agent running on the compute nodes as well as the VMs.

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answered 2017-03-01 06:04:33 -0500

ShubhamMeshram gravatar image

@DarkKnight, Thank you for the input, But I am looking for something like a .csv file which has each VM's usage and then I can subject this .csv file to do some modelling or condition checking on my own logic.

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