Packstack Ocata with Ironic

asked 2017-03-01 01:29:55 -0500

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I'm installing Packstack AIO, Ocata release, just to learn how to work with Ironic and I got pretty interesting error. I'm running setup with command (with root privileges):

packstack --os-ironic-install=y --nagios-install=n --allinone

Basically both controller and network template install everything without any problem, but compute template fails with error:

Error: Evaluation Error: Error while evaluating a Resource Statement, Class[Nova::Compute::Ironic]:
  has no parameter named 'admin_user'
  has no parameter named 'admin_passwd'
  has no parameter named 'admin_url'
  has no parameter named 'admin_tenant_name'
  has no parameter named 'api_endpoint' at /var/tmp/packstack/8578eab7468d46456ba4b1de42e711c5/modules/packstack/manifests/nova/compute/ironic.pp:7:5 on node testing.lan

I checked out what's inside the file which fails and everything because of Puppet is failing, is inside the file:

class packstack::nova::compute::ironic ()
    $ironic_config_controller_host = hiera('CONFIG_KEYSTONE_HOST_URL')
    $ironic_config_keystone_admin = hiera('CONFIG_KEYSTONE_ADMIN_URL')
    $ironic_config_keystone_version = hiera('CONFIG_KEYSTONE_API_VERSION')

    class { '::nova::compute::ironic':
      admin_user        => 'ironic',
      admin_passwd      => hiera('CONFIG_IRONIC_KS_PW'),
      admin_url         => "${ironic_config_keystone_admin}/${ironic_config_keystone_version}",
      admin_tenant_name => 'services',
      api_endpoint      => "http://${ironic_config_controller_host}:6385/v1",

Any idea what should be done in order to get around this error?

Thanks in advance!

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